Someone threw a padlock and broke my rear windscreen

Submitted by Stomper Jack

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Stomper Jack's rear windscreen was broken by a padlock that is believed to have fallen from height at a carpark near Block 3 Jalan Batu in Mountbatten yesterday (Sep 17) at around 8.20am.

Based on photos Jack sent, the padlock had smashed through the rear windscreen, leaving a hole in the process.

There were many cracks around the lock's point of entry.

Jack's vehicle has both a front and rear camera.

The rear camera was off as the car was parked, but the front camera managed to capture a loud 'thud' during impact. 

The Stomper has since made a police report over what happened.

His car is currently being serviced, and he estimates that repairs will cost around $1,000 to $1,500.