Man rips off car's window wiper because it's parked in front of his shop at Premier @ Kaki Bukit

Submitted by Stomper Veron

Stomper Veron was shocked to find the rear window wiper of her car had been ripped off after she had parked her car at Premier @ Kaki Bukit yesterday (Aug 14).

She had driven there to view a car but struggled to find a place to park her vehicle.

Her dealer told her to "park anywhere" as long as there was enough space.

She said: "Being kia-si, I took some time to eventually find an empty space in front of unit #04-48," she said.

She described the unit as abandoned as it did not have any company name or signs.

"Being kia-su, I even stuck a post-it note on my In-Vehicle Unit (IU) with my name and mobile number clearly written so that anyone could call me if my car was obstructing their way."

She only realised her rear window wiper had been ripped off a few hours after leaving Premier @ Kaki Bukit and went to review her car camera footage.

In the video, a man, who Veron believes is the owner of unit 04-48, can be seen pointing at her car, visibly annoyed.

He then walks to the rear of the car to forcibly remove the wiper and walks away.

Watch the video below.