'Some drivers cannot hear the horn, they will turn into jam-braker'

Submitted by Stomper Jackie

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Stomper Jackie was driving along Woodlands Drive 16 on Aug 12 when he was caught behind a driver who repeatedly jammed on his brakes.

Jackie shared a video where the driver of the car with licence plate number SJE6553L was driving at a crawl-like pace before suddenly pressing on his brakes.

"I don't know why he was acting like this as there was no car in front of him," said the Stomper.

Stomper Jackie sounded his horn at him which appeared to make the other driver unhappy.

"Some people just cannot hear the horn, a soft horn will simply turn the driver into a jam-braker."

The driver then continued to intermittently jam on his brakes and swerving from side to side before finally coming to a stop before a bus stop.

"He scared my wife with his driving," said Jackie.

"I think he wanted me to pull over too so that he could confront me but I just ignored him and kept driving."

Watch the video below.