Mercedes' driver jams brake abruptly -- then scolds Stomper for almost hitting his car at Bishan

Submitted by Stomper Lawrence

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Stomper Lawrence was driving along Bishan at around 6pm last year on Oct 19 when he was scolded by a driver but Lwrence believes the driver was not in the position to fault him. 

The driver of a white Mercedes with licence number SLD4570G was turning left when he suddenly halted to a stop, forcing Lawrence to break abruptly as well. 

The Stomper recorded the Mercedes being driven to a stumble and stopping shortly for a few more times before the driver came out to check on his car before going back in and driving off.

After a few minutes, the driver got out again and confronted the Stomper.

The Stomper said, "I did not even hit his car and it was his fault for breaking without warning."

Watch the video below.