Is driver of Trans Cab SHD274K trying to cause an accident? He flees after Stomper calls police

Submitted by Stomper Oliver, Randcis

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Stomper Oliver and his pregnant wife encountered a reckless cabby along the slip road towards Admiralty Road on Apr 16, slightly after midnight.

His wife had been behind the wheel when the incident occurred.

A video that Oliver and Stomper Randcis, both of whom were passengers in the car, shared with Stomp shows how the taxi driver kept jam-braking randomly for no reason.

Oliver then alighted the car to confront the cabby, but said he got shouted at by the taxi's passenger instead.

He added, "I requested the taxi to park one side and called the police, but the driver fled immediately!"

Randcis told Stomp, "This is obviously a dangerous act which could have resulted in an accident. I think his actions should be condemned."