Cabby keeps refusing to give way -- then drives close to other vehicles and jams on brakes repeatedly

Submitted by Stomper Safwan

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You are travelling on the expressway on a busy Wednesday evening when the vehicle next to you refuses to give you way, driving really close to your lane at times, and even repeatedly jams on the brakes to make things difficult.

Sounds annoying? Well, clearly this cabby does not care about what you have to think.

Stomper Safwan alerted Stomp to a video posted on the 'Fabrications About The PAP' Facebook page on Saturday (Jan 15), featuring a cabby and lorry behaving childishly and refusing to give way to each other while on the highway.

According to the dashboard camera footage, the incident took place on Wednesday (Jan 11) at around 5.40pm.

If you watch the video closely, the lorry driver has his window down and drives closer to the taxi.

He also knocks on his window, gesturing with his hands in an aggressive manner.

The cabby later winds his window down too.

The Stomper himself witnessed a similar incident taking place on Tuesday (Jan 31) -- and that too with a cabby from the same taxi company.

The Stomper was travelling from Jurong West Avenue 2 towards PIE exit/ Hong Kah Flyover when the following incident took place.

In the clip sent in by the Stomper, you will notice cabby SHC5889J driving really close to the neighboring car and later jam-braking repeatedly -- also refusing to give way.

Said the Stomper: "Such drivers should be allowed to drive on the roads. They simply danger other drivers."