Small in size, big on price: S'porean entrepreneurial couple earns additional $20K yearly from miniature food replicas

A Singaporean couple are earning an additional S$20K yearly, just by pursuing their hobby: Making miniature food replicas. 

The business started off as a hobby, said the wife, Juliana.

However, her husband Marcus, realised that there was a business opportunity when Juilana showed him her miniature food collection. 

Together the two started their company, ‘Miniature Asian Chef', reports World of Buzz.

Juliana would work from their dining room, taking six to eight hours to painstaking sculpt and bake the tiny art pieces.

She said:

“The people wearing my products matter more than the products. 

“I am happy that my creations make others happy, and when customers also share their special memories with me.”

Aside from making the pieces, Juilana also conducts classes, teaching others how to craft their favourite local snacks, inedible of course.

Although business may be brisk, the couple emphasised that they weren’t doing it full-time, simply juggling the business alongside their day jobs.

For more adorable treats, do check out Miniature Asian Chef’s instagram page here