SingPost apologises for 'overzealous' Bras Basah employee who 'scribbled' on woman's parcel

A woman paid $54 for a parcel to be delivered to her sister -- who had a 'rude 'shock' upon receiving the gift as its packaging had 'ugly scribbles' on it.

In a Facebook post on March 27, Ms Eliza Ong shared the unpleasant experience she had at SingPost's Bras Basah Complex Post Office.

Ms Ong had visited the post office on March 19 to mail a parcel containing "mainly snacks and beauty products" to her sister in New Zealand.

According to her, an employee at the counter started "interrogating" her about the parcel's contents and warned her that liquid products were not allowed.

Ms Ong shared: "I said multiple times to him that there are no liquids, I even signed the declaration form. But even after so, he continued to incite that my parcel has got liquids."

Nevertheless, Ms Ong paid for the parcel to be delivered, "expecting that the problem ends there".

She added: "Now here's the main reason why I want to complain. Notice the ugly scribbles in blue ink on the package? I spent $1.50 to purchase the kraft papers and spent another 10 minutes to wrap my box up nicely simply because this parcel is supposed to be a gift."

Ms Ong alleged that the staff member "vandalised" her property without permission and said her sister "received the parcel with a rude shock".

"This is unacceptable behaviour and I deserve an explanation," wrote Ms Ong in her post.

In a photo uploaded by Ms Ong, the parcel is seen with a note written on it: "Suspect liquid items but customer insisted to send."

The note also appears to state that a false declaration had been made.

In response to queries by Stomp, a SingPost spokesman said: "On 19 March 2019, one of our more experienced frontline team members at our Bras Basah Complex Post Office assisted Ms Eliza Ong over the counter in delivering a parcel to New Zealand.

"When asked what the contents were, Ms Ong had mentioned facial masks and cosmetics amongst the items within the package, along with dried food items.

"Our team member advised that liquids, aerosols and gels fell under the category of ‘Dangerous Goods’ as per Singapore Customs, and may be subjected to confiscation or failed delivery."

According to the spokesman, the staff member asked Ms Ong if she would like to consider re-packing her items, which she declined.

Ms Ong's parcel was then weighed and processed for delivery.

The spokesman added: "We are pleased to hear that the parcel was delivered, and we apologise to Ms Ong for our team member being overzealous in our approach in this situation.

"The management has counselled our team member on his actions, which should not have been done.

"SingPost will be reaching out to Ms Ong to apologise for her experience.”