Watch out! Look how close woman came to being knocked down by pick-up truck at Siglap Road

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A female pedestrian was nearly run over by a pick-up truck in the Siglap Road area on Friday afternoon (Sep 2).

Stomper Yiling sent in footage of the incident showing the heart-stopping moment of the near-accident.

In the clip, the woman can be seen trying to cross the road, only for the traffic light to turn red and against her favour halfway.

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Yiling describes what happened:

"This happened on Sep 2 at about 12.30pm, at the Siglap Road area.

"The lady, who seems to be in her 50s, dashed across the road upon seeing the green man flickering to the last few seconds.

"I believe it is due to the blind spot that the pick-up truck driver did not see her crossing the road and hence accelerated.

"The pick-up truck nearly hit the lady."

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