Parents, please, please, please educate your kids on road safety: One foolish mistake like this could be their last

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A video of a student dashing across a road without looking before getting hit by a car has gone viral on social media.

Stomper Adrian shared the video with Stomp via WhatsApp.

Facebook user Suzy Adorabella Lyliana uploaded the video onto her Facebook page after coming across it on Instagram, which has garnered over 370,000 views and over 15,400 shares.

The video shows the boy running to cross the road without taking precautions to look first before crossing, causing the driver no time to react and brake in time.

The impact caused the child, who was wearing a school uniform to be flung some distance from the car.

It is apparent that the student was in shock before passers-by rushed to attend to him.

The passers-by were quick to point fingers and stare accusingly at the driver but is he really at fault?

Drivers cannot be aware of such things all the time, especially when pedestrians do not take steps to practise road safety as well.

This video brings up the importance of educating children on road safety as the responsibility cannot always fully be on drivers and motorists.

Watch the video below.