Tinder date promises to treat girl for a meal...but goes to the toilet and does not return, leaving her to foot the bill

This Stomper was left in shock after her Tinder date, Jared, left her hanging with the bill at Morganfield's on Nov 15.

She was chatting with her date for about three days before they decided to go for a meal. The Stomper said that Jared was very insistent on meeting up.

They had dinner around 6pm and the Stomper told him that she was "very broke and on a budget" so Jared said he would pick up the tab.

After her date had finished eating, he told her he was going to the gents but did not return. Her brother tried calling Jared but he did not pick up.

He has since blocked her on Whatsapp and she has made a police report for "fraudulent debt".

The Stomper said: "I do not want other women to fall for this guy's tricks. I just got to let it go and move on."