Supermoon have left the skies? But check out these awesome moonshoots on Nov 15!

While many spirits were dampened by the non-sighting of the elusive Supermoon, another important event has occurred —- the waning gibbous moon. 

According to EarthSky, a waning gibbous moon is a moon that appears as less than full but more than half lighted. 

Stomper Kannan managed to capture pictures of the moon from Woodlands at 9pm. 

Said the astronomy enthusiast:  

“ The waning gibbous moon shine close to the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus known as ‘Aldebaran’.

“ This star is also referred to as 'Alpha Tauri', a giant orange star which is said to be located some 65 light years from the Sun.

“ It is also believed to be the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus and we will be able to see the moon and this star crossing the night sky till dawn today (Nov 16).

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