Heroes to the rescue as resident gets trapped in burning King George's Ave flat

Submitted by Stomper Gerek

A video going viral on Facebook shows a group of helpful citizens who came together to rescue a man trapped in a burning King George's Avenue flat.

Yesterday (Dec 14), Stompers Gilbert and Muzammil alerted Stomp to an incident where a man who was trapped in a unit that caught on fire at Block 805 in King George's Avenue at around 1.20pm.

Today (Dec 15), Stomper Gerek alerted Stomp to the Facebook video showing many men gathering outside the burning unit, and one of them is seen taking a red bucket filled with water to splash into flat.

The man trapped is seen waiting by the gate, looking rather petrified. Bright red marks can be seen on his face. 

The man is then seen covering his nose and mouth with a towel, while someone is heard saying to him, "You just sit first, do not think first." 

The helpful residents are then seen at the unit's corridor window, trying their best to help retrieve the key to the gate.

Thick grey smoke can be seen emerging from the flat, while the residents continue to splash buckets of water at the burning unit. 

Shortly after, police officers and a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer armed with compressed air foam arrived at the scene.

The trapped man then screams, "Please! Help! I'm in pain! Please open my door! Please!".

Police officers are also seen telling residents to clear the area for them to continue with their rescue effort.

The video also shows a group of SCDF fireman transporting the water jet to the burning flat. 

The man was eventually rescued. SCDF confirmed that a Chinese man in his 20s was subsequently conveyed to Singapore General Hospital for burnt injuries.