Group of 20 rack up a whopping $240,000 at Sentosa restaurant

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For most people, a normal meal at a kopitiam would probably amount to about $5 or less.

However, a group of 20 foodies reportedly splashed out $239,326.47 at a restaurant in Resorts World Sentosa on Jan 27.

According to Facebook user Mano Sabnani who posted a photo of the super long receipt, the meal was at Fengshui Inn, which is known as a "celebrity chef restaurant" that serves "authentic Cantonese cuisine by veteran Hong Kong chefs".

Many of the items on the receipt were simply attributed to 'special dishes', but a bulk of the bill appeared to come from two bottles of Moutai. One bottle of the 50-year-old luxury liqour cost $36,000.

Stomper Ah Boy, who alerted Stomp to the Facebook post, said:

"Wow... Guinness World Records bill. It's my don't know how many years of combined salary. I have no good fortune to taste the special dish. It's probably the most expensive dish in town."

Can you imagine how much you can buy with $240,000 or how long it will last you?

A video that was purportedly of the $240,000 meal, shared on Facebook and WhatsApp, was subsequently proven to be fake.

The clip did not show the meal from the Sentosa restaurant, but actually showed a meal in a restaurant in Taiwan.