Whoa! Check out passenger's whopping $171 Uber trip

Submitted by Stomper Peter

Would you pay $171.72 to get from Collyer Quay to Swiss View in Singapore?

That was what one Uber passenger did on New Year's Day (Jan 1), according to a Facebook post by user Hwee Hwee, which Stomper Peter shared with Stomp.

The post shows a screenshot of what the Uber driver earned, which includes a fare of $90.38 plus a surge of $81.34 due to high demand, but minus an 'Uber fee' of $42.93.

This meant that the passenger paid a fare of $171.72 while the driver received a final payout of $128.79.

A search online shows that the shortest route from 80 Collyer Quay to 26 Swiss View is 14km long and would take about 25 minutes.

Netizens have expressed shock over the expensive fare, with many wondering why the passenger did not take a regular taxi instead.

One user even pointed out that the amount paid was enough to pay for a plane ticket, though others said that the passenger might have taken an UberEXEC, which is a luxury vehicle that would cost more than a regular UberX ride.