Be careful where you leave an ofo bike: It might get chained

Submitted by Stomper SH, Z and Samsir

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This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

More bad news for ofo bicycles: they are now getting chained up by school and mall management teams.

Stompers SH, Z and Samsir alerted Stomp to incidents of ofo bicycles being locked up at Admiralty Secondary School, People's Park Centre and Jurong East's Big Box.

Stomper SH was near Admiralty Secondary School last Tuesday (Apr 18) when he spotted two ofo bicycles chained to the school fence. 

In the photos SH contributed, a white piece of paper can be seen attached to the bicycle chain, stating: "Your bicycle is locked. See OM to unlock."

Said the Stomper:

"The bicycles have been locked at the gate for the past two days already.

"Now no one can ride the bicycles anymore because they don't belong to anyone."

Similarly, Stomper Z was at People's Park Centre last Monday (Apr 17) when she came across an ofo bicycle chained to a railing along a corridor. 

The notice attached to the bicycle read:

"This corridor is the property of MCST 393, People's Park Centre. You have parked your motor-cycle/E-bicycle on our property without our permission.

"Please visit our security counter located at Basement 1 for assistance to release your motor-cycle /E-bicycle."

Stomper Samsir spotted two oBikes chained up at level one of Big Box last Friday (Apr 21) as well. There was a penalty of $500 to unlock the bicycles.