Win liao: Kitchener Rd HDB resident chains up shared ofo bike outside flat

Submitted by Stomper Efro

This story was submitted via Facebook. Click here to join our Facebook page. they said bike-sharing, surely this is not what they meant.

Stomper Efro was surprised to see an ofo bicycle chained outside a flat in Kitchener Road Block 2.

"It is even locked with chains," said Efro.

ofo is one of three companies that offers shared bicycles for the public.

It allows riders to unlock the bikes through an app on their smartphone.

Riders pay $0.50 for a ride, though all rides are currently free as part of a trial period.

ofo's policy states that the bikes can literally be returned anywhere, so long as it is not obstructing pathways and remains visible.

Riders can use the app to lock the wheel through a lever when the trip ends.

However, this Kitchener Road resident clearly felt chaining the bike up as an additional step was necessary.

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