Siblings shocked by bags of rubbish thrown from height at Bishan block

Submitted by Stomper Goh

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A pair of siblings had a rude shock when bags of rubbish were thrown down from height in Bishan and landed near them.

Stomper Goh was with his sister at the basketball court near Block 26 Sin Ming Road at around 7.30pm when the incident occurred.

The Stomper recounted: "We were playing basketball when two bags of rubbish were thrown down from the block.

"A white bag was thrown down first and landed next to a rubbish bin.

"Around 20 minutes later, another bag was thrown down and got stuck on a fence. The bag broke and rubbish was scattered around the area.

"This is very dangerous and unacceptable. What if someone had been passing by the area?"

Goh said he is unsure if this is a common occurrence as it was his first time at the basketball court and that he did not inform the authorities.

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