Shopee affiliate apologises and accepts disciplinary action for livestreaming while driving

Submitted by Stomper C

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It is an offence for a driver to use the phone while the vehicle is in motion.

A Shopee affiliate has apologised for using her phone to livestream while driving and accepts the disciplinary action by Shopee.

Shopee affiliates are avid users who also promote brands and products on Shopee, including via live streams, web articles, social media posts

Stomper C shared screenshots of the livestream by Agnes Boo showing her behind the wheel on Jan 20.

"A Shopee ambassador was caught driving and doing a livestream and reading comments," said the Stomper.

"A perfect bad example of how accidents happen."

In a screenshot, one comment was: "Angry watching irresponsible driver doing livestreaming. OMG."

Someone responded: "No need angry lah. Just watch. If it happens, then she answer loh."

The Stomper has brought the incident to Shopee's attention and shared screenshots of her online chat with a Shopee representative.

She told the rep: "All it takes is just one second she takes her eyes off the road just to read the comments and a life will be taken by her carelessness."

In response to a Stomp query, a Shopee spokesperson said: "We are in touch with the user and have thanked them for their vigilance in bringing this incident to our attention.

"Shopee views the incident seriously. Livestream partners are required to conduct themselves professionally and comply with local laws and safety regulations while using our platform.

"Thus, Shopee has taken disciplinary action towards the livestreamer accordingly."

Ms Boo, the livestreamer, told Stomp: "I humbly apologise for my lapse in judgment and accept the disciplinary action.

"Moving forward, I will take extra care to ensure safety and compliance in my future content and activities."

The spokesperson added that Shopee has also reviewed and enhanced its internal guidelines to ensure such situations are addressed promptly in the future.