108kg Ah Beng comedian Mayiduo bungy jumps as promised after hitting Shopee 9.9 sales target

He did it.

You may have seen Ah Beng comedian-entrepreneur Mayiduo with online personality Xiaxue in the Shopee ad for its 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

He also hosted the live stream for the sale event, where he said: "I will go bungy jump if I hit the KPI. Sales target: $99,000."

Towards the end of the almost two-hour live stream, Mayiduo announced: "Guys, thank you very much. We made a Shopee record. In one live stream, we did $102,000 worth of sales. Applause to myself, yay.

"And I will be honouring my promise to Shopee. Tomorrow (Sept 9), I will be doing my bungee jump at Sentosa, 7.15pm."

When someone expressed concern about the stunt, Mayiduo replied: "I think all will be good. We trust in the Singapore system. If they allow them to operate the bungy jump, it means all these safety checks are tested. And confirm they cater for a situation in case a bui kia (overweight child) like me, 108kg, want to go and jump."

He added: "A challenge is a challenge... but I don't mind. When I climb up there, whether my leg will tremble or not, we don't know."

But he did it.

With a GoPro camera in his hand no less.

Before Mayiduo took the leap at Skypark Sentosa, his famous last words were: "I love my mum. I love my kid. I a bit regret."

As he plunged 47m, he screamed obscenities and sang something that sounded a lot like Barbie Girl.

When he was finally lowered safely to ground level, he said: "Aiyah, easy one."

Mayiduo later shared Shopee's video of the jump on Facebook with a comment in Chinese, which roughly translates to: "So in life, watch what you say."



Posted by 马一朵 on Saturday, September 9, 2023


He is a man of his word after all.

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