We have created a pun-ster: Shopee Xpress delivers 8,000 dad jokes to customers for April Fools' Day

Remember when Stomp reported a TikToker being amused by a "dad joke" delivered with her package from Shopee Xpress two weeks ago?

Who knew that would be the origin story for more super puns at your doorstep?

Example: Why was the delivery driver forced to wear glasses? Because everyone wanted contact-less delivery.

Goofy riddles like that were pasted on 8,000 parcels delivered by Shopee Xpress to celebrate April Fool’s Day on Saturday (April 1).

Here is another one: Who wins in a fight between Sunday and Monday? Sunday, because Monday is a weekday.

It all started because the daughter of one delivery driver enjoyed such jokes and he decided to share them with Shopee customers too.

One customer created a TikTok about it.

@lielnicole @Shopee Singapore ♬ original sound - Liel Nicole & my fluffy dogs

Stomp reported it and it was featured on SGAG.

A Shopee spokesman told Stomp: "We were pleasantly surprised at the thoughtfulness of our Shopee Xpress driver who went the extra mile during his delivery.

"His small but sincere gesture of sharing a joke with our shoppers not only brought them their parcels but also put a smile on their faces.

"We were inspired and wanted to replicate his gesture, to share some joy and laughter with our shoppers this April Fool’s Day.”

But it is not just for kicks and giggles. If you receive one of these funnies, you can get a little shopping bonus too.

From April 1 to 4, shoppers can share a photo of the joke they received on Instagram, tag Shopee at @shopee_sg and rate the joke on a scale of one to five to receive 40 per cent off their next Shopee purchase (capped at $5).

One more for the road: "I will not tell you the joke about the piece of paper. It was tearable."