Couple has 9.9 Super Wedding Day on Sept 9, performs dance from Shopee ad at banquet

What did you get on Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day?

For one couple, the answer is married.

After all, Sept 9 is supposed to be an auspicious day for tying the knot.

So that was what Jingyong and Yining did and called it their 9.9 Super Wedding Day.

The idea came from bride Yining's colleagues who made fun of her nuptials taking place on Sept 9, the same day as Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

The big moment came during the wedding banquet at the Hilton.

"My colleagues wore the Shopee T-shirt and did the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day dance," Yi Ning told Stomp.

The bride and groom were also made to perform the dance with the six guys on the stage between two giant screens showing the Shopee ad starring Xiaxue and Mayiduo on YouTube.

The banquet guests cheered and applauded at the end of it.

Shopee told Stomp it was reaching out to the couple to congratulate them with a gift.

Jingyong also shared on Instagram the couple's wedding video, which does not mention Shopee.

He said: "I’m glad that the whole event turned out smoothly and it’s definitely the wedding that I wanted it to be."

Anyone getting married on 10.10?

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