Sexual fantasy writer took videos of family members, friends showering and posted screenshots online

Cara Wong
The Straits Times
August 12, 2020

A sexual fantasy writer planted cameras in various bathrooms, including his own, to record his family members and his church friends showering.

The married man, 41, then incorporated screenshots of these voyeuristic videos into his sexual fantasy story on sex-themed forum Sammyboy, to get more attention from people on the forum.

On Wednesday (Aug 12), the man, who cannot be named to protect the identities of his victims, was sentenced to 28 weeks' jail and fined $6,000. He had earlier pleaded guilty to 11 charges relating to his voyeuristic activities.

Another 16 similar charges were taken into account during sentencing.

Court documents showed that the man had shot voyeuristic videos of his wife, his sister-in-law, his church friends and family friends from 2008 by planting pinhole cameras in the various homes he had access to.

The man frequently read threads in the Sammyboy forum website, and started posting various sexual comments on it as the forum had a points system to rate users and gain more points.

He also did it as he "felt accepted in the Sammyboy forum community and felt that the church community were hypocrites", said Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) R. Arvindren in court documents.

Over several years, the man planted secret cameras in his house, his sister-in-law's house, and the house of a family friend, according to court documents.

The man planted a hidden camera in his family friend's home when he had the chance to after the friend invited him over to use her bathroom after their usual jogging sessions with church members.

He then recorded a video of the woman showering.

The man also invited his childhood friend and his church mentor to his home after separate jogging sessions, and he used the pinhole cameras installed in his bathroom to record videos of them showering, according to court documents.

The man incorporated screenshots of these videos into a sexual fantasy story he had written on the Sammyboy forum.

He continued to write for about two years, but got bored of it and stopped, said DPP Arvindren.

"Not wanting to lose his readership, the accused developed a few ideas to keep his readership up and gain more points on Sammyboy Forum. Besides screenshotting videos, the accused went onto Facebook and downloaded the first victim's photo," he said.

He posted this photo on the forum with a sexually explicit comment, added the DPP.

He repeated this with various victims, including his church mentor, childhood friend and sister-in-law.

The man was found out when one of his victims was informed by her friend that her nude photos were on the website. The woman lodged a police report on Oct 10, 2016.

During sentencing on Wednesday, the district judge noted that the man was diagnosed with voyeurism or paraphilia, a condition characterised by abnormal sexual desires, but said this did not affect his impulse control.

The judge, however, said he noted that the man had cooperated with the police and had wanted to apologise to his victims.

With the amendments to the Penal Code last year, those convicted of voyeurism now face up to two years' jail, caning, and a fine.

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