Same dog? One photo shows dog at service balcony, another shows it leashed in carpark at Blk 50 Commonwealth Drive

Submitted by Stomper Royston

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Stomper Royston was on his way home at around 4pm on Tuesday (May 30) when he saw a dog left out on the service balcony on the fifth storey of Block 50 Commonwealth Drive.

In the photos the Stomper contributed, a small white dog can be seen lazing on the service balcony, which is surrounded by a black grille.

Items that can be seen on the balcony include newspapers, a green ball, a green towel and what appears to be a green bowl filled with water. 

The concerned Stomper told Stomp that the grill has been covering the service balcony for more than two months, but he was only alerted to the presence of a dog there on Tuesday afternoon after his wife heard the dog barking.

Said the Stomper:

"The dog cannot hide if it is raining. It is quite dangerous because if there is lightning, the dog has no shelter at all."

The Stomper also contributed photos of another white dog he spotted leashed at the multi-storey carpark on the sixth storey of the block. He said that he took the photos around two to three weeks ago.  

The photos show a white dog leashed to a white metal grille. A silver bowl and amenities like water and food can also be seen stashed near a water pipe.

It is unclear if the photos are of the same white dog.