Guy punches, kicks and hits dog with helmet after it causes him to fall from bicycle in M'sia

Update at 5.30pm:

According to a post on Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia has taken the dog for a medical examination and X-ray.

The evidence has reportedly been submitted to the authorities, and the case will be between them and the residents who filed it.

Original article:

A video of a man attacking a guard dog at a security post in Malaysia has riled up netizens.

The footage was reportedly taken in a condominium in Taman Melody, Bandar Kinrara, on Sunday (Apr 4) at 8.49pm.

Many Stompers alerted Stomp to the incident and said that the man is a Singaporean living in Malaysia.

The clip, shared by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, shows the dog, lying at the guard post, suddenly getting excited after spotting another dog in the basket on a passing bicycle.

It runs up to the cyclist, causing him to get shocked and fall to the road, and the dog in the bicycle's basket falls as well.

The man, incensed at this point, gets back up and charges towards the dog at the security post. 

He grabs the dog and repeatedly punches and kicks it, while pointing angrily and yelling at the guard on duty.

The cyclist even strikes the guard when she attempts to stop him, and continues with his assault on the dog.

He proceeds the pick the dog up by grabbing the sides of its neck, and puts it on the table.

The man then repeatedly hits the dog with a helmet, and continues yelling at the guard while doing so.

A passer-by attempts to stop him, but the cyclist points threateningly at him as well and does not relent on the attack on the dog.

He then drags the dog behind the post, where he appears to fling it.

After this, he walks back to his bicycle, and seems to be looking at his hand, though it is unclear if he is injured.

The clip states that the suspect is a Singaporean, though it is unclear if the information is accurate.

A netizen also commented that the condominium residents pooled their money to send the dog to the veterinarian.

She added that the dog is pain and is very weak after the assault.