Trainer breaks up dog fight in Malaysia -- by giving animal several hard kicks

Submitted by Stomper Loke

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An animal trainer was caught on camera kicking a dog repeatedly, in an attempt to break up its fight with another canine.

Stomper Loke alerted Stomp to a video of the incident, though it is unclear when and where it occurred.

Some users who shared the clip had claimed that the incident took place at Pet Expo Singapore 2017, but this is untrue.

A video posted by Facebook user Samantha Low, who is from Penang, Malaysia, shows how the dogs had been in their respective positions with their trainers, who gradually started to leave the arena.

A dog with black and white fur then left its place, seemingly to attack its neighbouring animal.

Some trainers tried to stop the fight, but one man in particular can be seen delivering repeated hard kicks to the black and white dog as he grabbed onto another canine.

More people then rushed in to break up the scuffle, while two women, who are presumably onlookers, can be heard yelling for the man to "stop it" and calling him "such an asshole" for "kicking other people's dog".

The man made a final rush towards the black and white dog, appearing to almost give it another blow, but it was fortunately carried away by another trainer just in time.

Netizens have slammed the man for being excessive and said that kicking the dog was uncalled for.

One commented, "This guy is clearly unqualified to be a dog trainer. His dog has provoked another dog. He should be firm with his dog and not kick the other dog. Shame on the judges too for just standing around and not acting quickly."