'Robin Hood' Ian teams up with Mr Chua Eng Leong to surprise mum with kidney disorder

Submitted by Stomper Ian

Stomper Ian went on a 'special mission' last night to help another family in need, this time with extra help from Mr Chua Eng Leong, the PAP Chairman for Eunos and Grassroots Advisor to Aljunied GRC.

Ian is Singapore's very own Robin Hood, having helped several families by sending them milk and other rations.

Last night (Apr 16), Ian and Mr Chua surprised Sara, a struggling mother who has congenital kidney disorder and two young sons.

He elaborated on what happened:

"Sara shared her plight on my Facebook group about how she has congenital kidney disorder. Her husband is the sole breadwinner and they live in an L-shape rental flat with two young lovely children.

"Mr Chua Eng Leong, PAP Chairman for Eunos and Grassroots Advisor to Aljunied GRC approached me when he heard about her plight.

"He said he wanted to render some assistance to the family on a blessed Easter Sunday. He wanted ;to do something for the family, but not as an advisor or for any other reasons.

"He was just concerned about the young children as he is also a father. He said no parents would want to be in the position of being unable to provide for their children.

"So I met up with Mr Chua and he actually shopped for the rations himself, and he even considered the nutritional values for the children.

"When we visited Sara, she was shocked because I did not notify her that we would be rendering emergency assistance for her. We popped by at 9.30pm. ;I was also surprised that he would appear at this hour.

"When we were at the doorstep, the two lovely boys were very happy and excited and saying 'wow wow wow' and holding on to the milk powder tins.

"After more understanding about the family's situation, Mr Chua advised them to seek help from Mr Chan Chun Sing on his next MP session.

"The family wasn't sure and Mr Chua provided details about it. Mr Chua said Mr Chan Chun Sing would be very willing to help children and that he had started many welfare benefits when he was a minister for MSF.

"In the photos, you can see that the children are only in diapers because they have just one fan. The L-shaped house is too cramped for the four of them, especially when the children are at this age and tend to run around.

"It does not matter who you are. If everyone takes the effort to help others in need, Singapore will definitely be even better.

"Many people have said that lower income families are being neglected in this society, but I feel that instead of pointing fingers, people might as well do this everyday in life.

"Even things like holding the lift for people or helping an elderly across the road or being more patient when someone handicapped is alighting instead of honking and honking.

"Ask not what your nation can do for you, but ask what you can do for your nation. If the smallest kindness is in every Singaporean, you will definitely make a difference."