Stomper Ian to the rescue again -- for pale-looking mum who hasn't eaten in 2 days

Submitted by Stomper Ian

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Stomper Ian provided emergency milk assistance for a lower-income family yesterday (Apr 16), with help from some friendly neighbours.

The family has a three months old infant who but currently has no social welfare support. Ian said that the mother had not eaten for two days before his intervention.

Ian had previously aided a single mother with four children, with help from three police officers, as well as other families in need.

He recounted his latest milk run:

"I was approached by one of the residents whom I regularly work hand in hand with to hear their plight. I am here for them because help is limited. Now and then, nothing much can be done as there are limited resources."

"Yesterday, we did another emergency milk assistance but it's a different outreach this time. My counterparts are neighbours with someone named Ika.

"I bought items for her as she has not had poultry for the past fortnight, so we can imagine her milk powder supply. When we visited her, she looked pale.

"But we are the milk rescue 911 and she opened her door with a wide smile. She was shocked when we came.

"The dry items were from friendly neighbours who are also from a lower-income family, but when they came to know of Ika's plight, without delay, they wanted to lend a helping hand and offer some rations.

"As it was a Sunday, help was limited. I approached someone at Kaki Bukit CC, but they were not able to assist at the moment.

"This is unlike the day before when I was helping AA at close to midnight, where I was able to know what could be done to reach out and help AA on a longer run. The mission was accomplished with a special task force, with heartwarming scenes.

"Here, we hope someone who can be of a difference can pick up Ika's case and refer her to SSO, CDWF, or CCC."

Stomper Ian who also like to reach out to needy families with young children who are struggling. He said:

"If they need emergency milk supply, please join this Facebook group and post about your plight. I will personally review your situation and see what support we can offer.

"From my past experiences and understanding, there are many milk banks where limited ranges of milk are available. Some young children may have certain dietary restrictions, so if they cannot source from the milk bank or have any difficulties, I will be more than willing to lend a helping hand.

"Kudos to friendly and helpful neighbours Hamzah and Risa (Ah Tan's wife), who arranged the dry items to pass on to Ika."