Stomper encounters not 1, but 2 kind strangers who help him deliver groceries to needy families

Submitted by Stomper Ian

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Ian had taken up an emergency call to deliver rations and milk supply to needy families yesterday night (Apr 14).

He had responded to these families' appeal online.

He went to the NTUC Fairprice supermarket in Teck Whye to get the supplies but was clueless about what items would be suitable for the families.

"I met this lady and when I approached her, she immediately dropped her things at the counter and finished her own grocery shopping for the family within eight minutes," he said.

"Her selfless act will be an inspiration to many people. Thank you Ms Nice!"

Since it was past midnight, Ian decided to call a GrabCar to help him deliver the supplies to the two families.

His driver, Dawn was the other kind stranger he met that night:

"I had to deliver to two different corners of Singapore. 

"She only charged me one trip and she even helped me to carry rations and milk to the units past midnight."

Kudos to these two women!

If you are keen to help out more needy families whom Stomper Ian is assisting, please join his Facebook group IAN FREE MILK BLESSING and message Ian Kayden by starting your note with: "I am a donor from Stomp".

Stomp will be providing more details about Ian and his group. Stay tuned.