'Ridiculous' of woman to cross road so recklessly with child in her arms

Submitted by Stomper Jan

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A woman was caught on camera crossing the road in a reckless manner despite carrying a child in her arms.

Stomper Jan shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred along Jurong West Street 41.

The woman can be seen crossing the road without checking for incoming traffic, turning her head to look in Jan's direction only when she was already crossing the road halfway.

Jan told Stomp on Feb 11: "I feel that the behaviour of this woman is ridiculous and want to highlight to pedestrians to look out for traffic when crossing roads.

"This was in fact the second time in a week that I'd encountered such incidents.

"The previous encounter involved a dad letting his son scoot across the road on his own without checking for traffic. He did nothing to stop his son or guide him."