Pedestrian crosses road like he owns it, 'waits till he's out of video to point middle finger'

Submitted by Stomper Chris

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A pedestrian allegedly pointed his middle finger at a driver who honked at him at Raffles Place on Nov 8.

He also made sure he was out of the car's in-car camera range when he did so, said Stomper Chris.

Chris shared that he was exiting UOB Plaza's carpark when the man suddenly crossed in front of his car.

"Common sense tells you not to cross in front of a turning vehicle," he said.

"Basic English literacy gives you the ability to read the bright yellow 'DANGER, DO NOT CROSS IN FRONT OF WAITING VEHICLE' sign."

He quipped that the guy had 'neither common sense nor English literacy' because of his actions.

He added: "At least he's smart enough to make sure he's out of the video before giving me the middle finger after I honked at him."