Restaurant apologises after woman finds plastic in her dosai and walks out

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A woman walked out of a restaurant after finding a piece of plastic in her dosai.

The Stomper told Stomp she is a regular diner at Raj Restaurant in Biopolis and visited again on Feb 28.

She told Stomp she alerted the staff to the plastic and that they apologised.

"I just walked off and didn't pay," she said.

"I was very disappointed as I was a regular and now I won't be going there again.

"The quality has reduced massively.

"I just want consumers to be aware."

When contacted a spokesman from Raj Restaurant told Stomp that they have met with the Stomper since the incident.

"I think a carry bag with a plastic tie was opened near the masala and must have fallen in," the spokesman said.

"She is a very regular customer at Raj.

"I spoke to her and apologised for this and asked her if I could replace the food.

"I am sure she was very upset and I hope that she will return to Raj as she normally does.

"My sincere apologies for this and I have informed my staff to be extremely careful in future.

"I hope she will accept my sincere apology and return back to Raj, as we appreciate all our loyal customers."

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