Diner expresses disgust and concern after finding 'black worm' in pasta at Han's

Submitted by Stomper D

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A diner received an unexpected and unpleasant surprise when he found an insect in his pasta on the first day of Chinese New Year (Jan 22).

Stomper D shared with Stomp that his brother had visited Han's restaurant at Hillion Mall at about 4pm when he found a "black worm cooked into his linguine pasta".

"Despite being refunded for the meal, he was left feeling disgusted and concerned about the hygiene standards," he said.

"This incident raises questions about the food safety and quality control measures in place."

He added that he wanted to share his experience to remind all food outlets to maintain high standards of cleanliness and food safety.

D's brother said: "If I hadn't noticed it in time, I could have ended up eating the worm unknowingly.

"This experience has left me feeling deeply upset and let down by this Han's branch."

D informed Stomp that they reported the matter to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

In response to a Stomp query, an SFA spokesman said: "SFA had inspected the eatery and did not detect any food safety lapses.

"Nonetheless, the food operator was reminded to ensure their premises is clean and well-maintained and that their food handlers adhere to good personal hygiene and food handling practices.

"Food safety is a joint responsibility.

"While SFA puts in place and enforces the regulatory measures, retail food establishments must play their part by adhering to good food hygiene and preparation practices.

"Members of the public who come across any potentially errant food establishment should report to SFA via the online feedback form.

"SFA will not hesitate to take enforcement action if we have obtained sufficient evidence."