Resourceful IKEA employee scales 'great heights' to retrieve 2-year-old boy's balloon

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Stomper Charlene shared with Stomp her experience with Nordin, an employee from IKEA Alexandra who helped her two-year-old son retrieve his balloon that had floated away. 

The incident happened today (July 15) at around 2pm. 

As the little boy was playing with it, the balloon string broke, and the balloon floated up to a corner where the two could not reach.

Charlene and her son approached an employee but was told that there was nothing they could do as they too, could not reach the balloon. 

However, when they approached Nordin, the kind employee quickly found a ladder and retrieved the balloon.

Charlene was touched by his sincerity and eagerness to help.

She promptly requested to take a photo of the man and sent it to Stomp.

Said Charlene:

“I want to share how this nice IKEA Alexandra stand went out of the way to help my 2-year-old son retrieve his balloon, which we just bought barely an hour ago.

“Thanks for being so nice!

“It’s the little things like these that make your day.”