Never expect anything in return when helping others, says kind man who returned Grab driver's wallet

If you do a good deed, do it out of the goodness of your heart, and not because you expect something in return.

Poignant words, and the life motto of 27-year-old Mr Farhad Nazir Ahmad, the kind man who returned a wallet to grab driver Miss Lindy Sim,46.

She had misplaced her wallet at a coffeeshop in Geylang Serai at 2.30pm on July 8, and only realised this when Mr Farhad contacted her.

His father had found the wallet in the coffeeshop and had asked him to surrender it to the nearest police station.

However, as he was busy with preparations for a Hari Raya visit, he told his dad that he would look through the wallet to see if he could find out anything about its owner.

In doing so, he found a vehicle servicing receipt inside, and managed to contact Ms Lindy.

By 3.30pm on the same day that she lost the wallet, Ms Lindy was reunited with it.

Ecstatic, she wrote to Stomp to highlight Mr Farhad's and his dad's kind deed.

Stomp met up with Mr Farhad, an IBM Premium Support Engineer attached to KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

Mr Farhad started his work at KK Hospital two weeks ago after a recent promotion at IBM, and is taking a part-time degree in business analytics.

When asked about why he did not hesitate to go the extra mile to help a stranger, he said:

"My dad is a righteous and pious man, and he believes you should not expect anything in return when you do a good deed.

"And he brought me up the same way as well, which is why I don't hesitate to help a stranger in need.

Surprised and elated with receiving Stomp's Goody Bag, Mr Farhad added that his friends and relatives alerted him to the article on Stomp, and even tagged him on their Facebook posts about it.

"Ms Lindy also said that she had told Stomp about me," laughed Mr Farhad.

"I was embarrassed but also thankful for the kind comments and support I received from strangers about this incident."

Though his right hand is affected by birth deformity, Mr Farhad is open and candid about the struggles he faces.

"My right hand was deformed at birth, but it still has strength and I am able to grip things with it.

"When applying for a driving licence, I have to go through far more processes than normally required and be certified that I can rip and handle the steering wheel.

"Even in the army, I had to secretly do pull-ups. If my warrant officer caught me, he would yell, 'What are you doing? You should not be doing pull-ups'."

Stomp presented Mr Farhad with a 'Goody Bag' for being an inspiration, as part of our efforts to recognise everyday heroes and highlight heartwarming deeds.

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