'Spiderman' Tom Holland and friends swing by KK Hospital to spread cheer

Patients at KK Women's and Children's Hospital had a pleasant surprise when Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland paid them a visit recently.

Photos uploaded by the hospital on their Facebook page show the 21-year-old along with movie co-star Jacob Batalon interacting with children, their family members and nurses.

Those who met the heartthrob had huge smiles on their faces. Many also took the opportunity to snap photos with the British actor.

Read a caption on the pictures:

"Accompanied by Jacob Batalon, who plays Spidey’s classmate and bestie Ned Leeds, Tom charmed patients and families with his visit and the autographed toys presented to the kids. 

"A big Thank You to Tom and Jacob, for the awesome experience and for bringing cheer to the wards!"