Residents kept awake by 'glaring' floodlights at Redhill carpark

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Jun 20, 2023

Residents of a block in Redhill have struggled to get forty winks at night because of glaring floodlights at a nearby carpark.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, one of the residents of Block 88 Redhill Close, Sai Ying, said the floodlights were installed at the gazebo of the carpark (Block 88A) in May.

She said that initially, two of the floodlights were turned on, but later reduced to one after she lodged a complaint over the matter. 

However, the glare intensity of just the one remaining floodlight is still affecting her home life. It would get turned on at 7pm daily and shine straight into her sixth-floor house.

"Sometimes, when I'm sitting in the living room, the glare makes it difficult to look outside," she said.

Photo: Shin Min Daily News

Her neighbour on the eighth floor, Wang, told Shin Min the floodlight has affected her daughter’s sleep as it shines directly into her room.

Wang also claimed that her neighbours on the ninth and 10th floors have complained about being unable to look out their windows at night because of the intense glare.

In unison, residents have questioned the need for the floodlights at the carpark's gazebo, given that the top floor is empty most times. They point out that it is also a waste of energy consumption.

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