'Need for Speed wannabe' provokes Woodlands resident with 'excessive' revving of his car's engine

Submitted by Stomper Venom

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A car driver has provoked the ire of a Woodlands resident with the 'aggressive' and 'excessive' revving of his engine.

Stomp Venom told Stomp that the driver of a Kia Cerato has been the source of noise pollution in his neighbourhood for the past year.

"He loves revving his engine aggressively and excessively during the day and late at night, even at 3 or 4am, to announce the arrival of his 'supercar'.

"It is indeed a 'supercar' kitted out with carbon fibre bonnet and under-carriage neon lights.

"The car used to be orange but has recently been 'upgraded' to black, perhaps to show how bad a** he has become."

The Stomper said that he has submitted feedback regarding the driver to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) several times but the issue still persists.

"There is a time and place for everything," he said.

"If 'Need for Speed' wannabes cannot live without making noise with their 'super cars', maybe they could do it all day long at Lim Chu Kang?

"There are a lot of 'audiences' there.

"The best part is, nobody will get disturbed."

The Stomper shared video clips of the car near his block but said it was just a 'very short glimpse' of the noise.

"You can also clearly hear the volume of their talking, mind you, this happened multiple times during 3am to 4am," he said.

"It is worse than this when he enters the carpark, which I obviously am unable to capture because I will not know when he will show up.

"I have spoken with the MP of this area but sadly nothing much has been done."

In an effort to lower vehicle noise levels, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said that motor vehicle noises have to fall within a band of between 68 decibels (for cars) and 77 decibels (for motorbikes), equivalent to the noise level of a normal conversation.