Resident calls police 3 times in 2 hours over late-night din downstairs at Telok Blangah block

Submitted by Stomper Bernard

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He just could not take it any more. And there is not even a coffee shop.

A resident was so vexed by people making noise late at night downstairs at his block that he called the police – three times.

"Extremely inconsiderate people were still chatting and playing music so loudly at 1.30am," said Stomper Bernard, who lives at Block 6 Telok Blangah Crescent.

"This is a very, very common occurrence here. I was so frustrated until I could not 'tahan' and finally called the police that night."

The first call was at 12.43am on March 11.

"But after almost one hour, there was still no sight of the police," recounted the Stomper.

"I called again at 1.39am to ask why they didn't come. The police came at around 2am, but when the people saw them from afar, they stopped making noise.

"After the police left, the people continued sitting there, playing loud music, drinking beer, talking and laughing loudly."

So Bernard called the police a third time at 2.28am.

"This time, they reacted much, much faster and dispersed the crowd finally," said the Stomper. "Yet, one old man was cursing and swearing at the police officers. I wonder why he wasn't arrested for verbal abuse."

Stomp has contacted the police for info.

Bernard told Stomp: "We just moved in last June."

He added: "Not a racing day goes by without this area being swarmed with beer-drinking, littering and rowdy gamblers camping outside Singapore Pools. People are even peeing openly. It is super disgusting.

"At night, especially when the provision shop opens late, they just buy the beer even past the designated time."

Which led to the Stomper calling the police three times that night.

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