Noisy motorcycles disrupt Sengkang residents' sleep at 3.30am

Submitted by Stomper Michael

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Imagine it is 3.30am: Most of us would be comfortably curled up in our beds sleeping away.

However, some unlucky Sengkang residents were roused prematurely thanks to a couple of noisy motorcycles.

Stomper Michael was fed up with the noise and shared a video of two motorcyclists making their way down Sengkang East Way towards Sungei Punggol at 3am on Tuesday (May 16).

"This stretch of Sengkang East Way is a popular speeding spot thanks to the lack of cross junctions or traffic lights," he said.

"Residents have complained over the year about the huge noise to the authorities yet the situation seems to be getting worse."

In an effort to lower vehicle noise levels, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said that motor vehicle noises have to fall within a band of between 68 decibels (for cars) and 77 decibels (for motorbikes), equivalent to the noise level of a normal conversation.