Repeat offender jailed after kicking nurse in the face, grabbing grip of officer's revolver

Jean Iau
The Straits Times
Dec 6, 2021

While he was serving a remission order for other offences, a 64-year-old man committed a series of offences while drunk, including kicking a nurse in the face.

In another incident, Kamis Abdul Rahim grabbed the grip of the revolver of an auxiliary police officer (APO) who had told him to leave a hospital ward.

On Monday (Dec 6), Kamis was sentenced to 12 months' jail with an additional enhanced sentence of 253 days' imprisonment for breaching the basic condition of his remission order.

His offences pertaining to the remission order were drug-related and for acting rashly to endanger the safety of others.

A remission order is issued to allow an inmate to spend a portion of the sentence outside of jail. If the person breaches the basic condition of the remission order, such as by committing an offence, the court may impose an enhanced jail term not exceeding the remaining duration of the remission order.

On Monday, Kamis faced a total of eight charges for using criminal force on the APO, using profanities against public servants, causing hurt to a nurse, and causing annoyance while he was drunk. Four of the charges were taken into consideration for his sentencing.

The four charges that were proceeded on involve three incidents, all of which occurred in hospitals and when Kamis was intoxicated.

He also committed the offences when he was subject to a remission order from Feb 16 to Nov 29.

On April 3, Kamis drank from a bottle of rice wine he had bought. He then went to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, where his mother was hospitalised.

A nurse later found him lying on the floor beside a bed. Two security officers and an APO asked Kamis to leave the ward, but he was not able to stand up on his own.

He also spoke incoherently and appeared intoxicated. He shouted expletives at the officers using a mix of English, Malay and Hokkien.

Kamis told the APO: "You think you have gun, I scared (of) you?"

He then reached out towards the APO's utility belt, where a revolver was holstered. When the officer moved away, Kamis followed him and managed to grab the grip of the revolver before being pulled away by the two security officers and handcuffed.

The police were called and Kamis was arrested.

In an earlier incident on March 22, Kamis was drunk and being attended to by a nurse and doctor at National University Hospital's accident and emergency department. Court documents did not state why he was in hospital.

While the doctor was preparing to sedate Kamis as he was being violent, he kicked the nurse on the right side of her face near her eye and nose bridge.

He later apologised to her.

The nurse was later diagnosed with a superficial abrasion below her right eyebrow and a superficial cut over the right side of her nose. She was given a day of sick leave.

In 2011, Kamis was fined $1,500 under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act.

Kamis' sentence was backdated to April 5, which is when he was placed in remand.

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