Police looking into case of man acting inappropriately towards teenage boy in Clementi Mall toilet

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A man allegedly behaved inappropriately towards a teenage boy at Clementi Mall last Friday (Sept 29), leaving him uncomfortable and afraid.

In response to queries by Stomp, the police confirm that a report was lodged and are looking into the matter.

Stomper Anonymous said the incident happened to his 15-year-old friend in a toilet on Level 5 of the shopping mall at around 1.53pm. Both boys are Secondary 4 students.

Anonymous recounted: "My group of friends and I went to Yakiniku Like, intending to eat lunch. We got our queue number and one of my friends, D, needed to use the toilet so he went alone.

"A guy wearing a black jacket with a green shirt went up to the urinal right next to D when there were other urinals available and stood uncomfortably close to D, looking down towards his groin area and asking him, 'Is there McDonald's here?'

"D answered, 'Yeah', feeling unsure why the man was standing so close and looking at his groin.

"The man then proceeded to ask D, 'Just finished exercise class ah? Not bad,' all while staring at his groin.

"After this happened, my friend got very uncomfortable and quickly walked away. After returning to our group and telling us about it, we quickly identified the man and I took photos of him from afar, as we were scared he might hurt us.

"A few of us then followed the man from a few meters away to see if he was really a pervert or not. This was when we saw him frisk the buttocks of three primary school boys lightly enough that they couldn't feel it. Unfortunately, we did not film this as we hadn't been 100% sure that he was a pervert until we witnessed what he did."

According to Anonymous, the man then "quickly hopped onto a bus" and left Clementi Mall.

The Stomper added: "We went to the management at Clementi Mall and they told us to contact the police if we wanted to lodge a police report, which was what we did right after.

"A few days later, we got a call from the police, saying that they couldn’t do anything about it due to a lack of evidence.

"This really annoyed me and my friends as the man was getting away with touching and looking at boys inappropriately, including in the toilet."

Anonymous told Stomp that his friend is "doing much better" a few days after the incident.

"I just wanted to share this to warn others to always be wary of people behaving weirdly and to not hesitate to scream for help if this sort of situation happens to them," he added.