Police investigating case of man touching woman's backside on MRT train after Stomp report

Police are investigating an incident in which a commuter was caught on camera placing his hand against a woman's backside on an MRT train.

This comes after Stomper Frank alerted Stomp to the incident in March.

Frank had taken a video of the male commuter in the act between Bedok Reservoir MRT station and MacPherson MRT station on the Downtown Line on March 24, at 8.24am.

The video shows the man touching the woman's backside with the back of his hand and continuing to do so even when she tried to move away by taking a step forward.

Frank said: "The man did not proceed further. I was about to react if he did more, but the girl seemed to be aware of it already and the man quickly got off at MacPherson."

At that time, Frank told Stomp that he did not report the matter to train staff or the police, but was willing to help if the woman wanted to take action.

Stomp understands that the police have been in contact with Frank.

In response to a Stomp query on Wednesday (July 5), the police confirm a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.