Man allegedly takes video of woman at Clementi Bus Interchange, police looking into incident

Submitted by Stomper X

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When a woman saw a man apparently taking a video of her at Clementi Bus Interchange months ago, she chose not to react.

However, she caught him in the act once again last Thursday (Mar 9) morning, prompting her to lodge a police report.

Stomper X said: "This uncle was peeping at me and took a video of me.

"This is NOT THE FIRST TIME he is recording a video of me. A few months back, I also realised he was taking videos of other girls, including me, but I didn't want to react as I was quite tired that morning.

"Now again, he saw me from afar and started preparing his phone to take a video of me.

"I couldn't take it anymore so I took a video of him."

The Stomper said she is unable to recall when exactly she first noticed the man, but said the latest incident is the second time she caught him filming her.

She added: "The police told me to call 999 immediately if it happens again.

"This uncle is really one of a kind. Like, what is he doing?"

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirm that a report was lodged and are looking into the matter.

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