Please return my wallet if you find it -- and feel free to keep the $30

Submitted by Stomper Cynthia

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Cynthia is hoping a kind soul will return her daughter's wallet that she lost in the Dakota area yesterday (Feb 11).

She believes she could either have left it on bus service 401 or at Dakota MRT Station at around 2pm.

The wallet contains her NRIC, a bunch of keys, a black-belt Taekwon-do card, a few photos and an audition sheet.

It also contains over $30 in cash.

"I appreciate if anyone who has found it can contact the phone number written on the audition paper or hand it over to any police station, Dakota MRT Station or Bedok Interchange," she said.

"My particulars have been given to the staff on duty there.

"Please take the $30 as a token of appreciation from me. Thanks!"

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