Pests help themselves to rubbish inappropriately dumped at staircase landing of Sengkang block

Submitted by Stomper M

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Rubbish belongs in the bin, but not for some people who would rather head to the staircase landing and leave their trash there.

Stomper M is annoyed with the persistent and improper disposal of rubbish at Block 124A Rivervale Drive in Sengkang, which she said has been happening for months despite feedback to the town council and notices being put up.

M shared photos of the rubbish that she took on October 29, November 6, December 11 and December 31 last year, as well as more recently on January 7 and 8.

She also noted that the garbage, which contains food waste, has attracted pests.

M told Stomp: "I’m not sure if this is happening on multiple floors for this block, but this case I'm reporting is for the stairs between level 13 and 14.

"This issue has been persisting for the past couple of months and I have reported it to Sengkang Town Council on multiple occasions.

"However, all the town council did was to put up notices for residents to dispose their waste in the bins.

"They also mentioned that cleaners have been informed to monitor the corridor daily, but I'm still seeing rubbish being left there for a few days before they get cleaned up. For instance, Jan 8's rubbish was a new bag of rubbish on top of Jan 7's bag of rubbish. Both bags were only cleared on Jan 9 after lunch hours.

"This inconsiderate behaviour has also resulted in pests like lizards and crows being invited to the rubbish.

"The litterbug is super inconsiderate and the town council is not being helpful at all apart from their template replies."

M said she first contacted the town council on October 29, adding: "They replied to my email on November 4. This was the one and only reply from them despite me supplying photos and videos in multiple emails, until I contacted Stomp.

"They replied on Jan 19 when I emailed them again on Jan 13:

"The situation has not gotten better at all even though notices have been put up in the area. This person continues to dump rubbish here and there are ants crawling around. Yet the town council is not doing anything else to improve this."

Stomp has contacted Sengkang Town Council for more info.

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