Man has been finding litter in Rail Corridor and binning the rubbish himself for more than a month

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People are leaving their rubbish behind in the Rail Corridor and one man has been cleaning up after them for more than a month.

Not that he is happy about it.

Stomper Barry said: "I am fortunate to live in idyllic surroundings and am of the sensibility to treat what I am lucky to have with respect. Sadly, not everyone thinks this way."

He recalled that more than a month ago, he started finding litter at the same spot in the Rail Corridor between Wessex Estate and the exercise park next to Block 55 Commonwealth Drive.

Sharing a map of the location, Barry told Stomp: "You can see the dotted lines on the map. Where the two small dotted lines cross is exactly where it is.

"Someone feels it is a picnic ground, which in itself is sort of okay as long as they treat it with respect, but whoever they are, they decidedly do not.

"I took photos, took the rubbish away and binned it."

He added that he has informed NParks about the situation. "NParks said they took this type of thing seriously and would look into it," he said.

But after more than a month, it is still happening.

"I continue to take photos and take the rubbish away," said the Stomper.

"I saw more rubbish there yesterday," he told Stomp on Wednesday (Oct 19). "Some people must be going there at night and eat."

Stomp has contacted NParks for more information.

Under the Environmental Public Health Act, any person who commits a littering offence can be fined up to $2,000 for a first offence, $4,000 for a second offence and $10,000 for the third and subsequent convictions.

The court may also impose a corrective work order, which requires offenders to clean public areas for up to 12 hours.

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