'Mountain of rubbish' at new Woodleigh block: Notices put up to warn against illegal dumping

Submitted by Stomper Edwin

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While Block 207 Woodleigh Link is a new block where residents are starting to move in, it does not feel as clean and welcoming as it should be.

This is no thanks to rubbish that has been piling up at the common area at the foot of the block.

Stomper Edwin shared a video taken on Tuesday afternoon (Nov 22), showing a heap of bulky items dumped on the ground and spilling out onto the road.

Edwin said that the "mountain of rubbish" has been there for a few days, adding: "This is a new estate and there is no sign of the big green dumpster for rubbish.

"The dumping has happened quite a number of times but this time is the worst. And every time the rubbish is cleared, it will start to stack up again after a few days.

"I also feel that it's inconvenient for residents who are doing renovation works to not have the big green dumpster at the block."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Jalan Besar Town Council said: "We are aware of indiscriminate dumping at the common area of Block 207 Woodleigh Link, a new block where residents are starting to move in.

"The rubbish comprises mostly of discarded cardboard packaging from household purchases and unauthorised dumping of renovation debris by private renovation contractors.

"Renovation contractors are required to make their own arrangements for the proper disposal of renovation debris. We will work together with the Housing & Development Board (HDB), which issues home renovation permits, to address this issue.

"The town council has put up notices around the area to warn against illegal dumping. Bigger rubbish bins have not been placed in order to prevent illegal dumping by renovation contractors and also in consideration of the debris being potential fire hazards.

"In view of the current situation, we will set up a dedicated spot only for residents' bulky waste disposal. When ready, notices will be put up to direct residents to the site.

"We hope residents can help remind their renovation contractors to dispose of the renovation debris properly. We also hope everyone could spare a thought for our workers, who have been putting in extra time and effort every day to clear the large volume of rubbish."