Pedestrian thumps on driver's car bonnet with his fist along Scotts Road

Submitted by Stomper BB

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A pedestrian thumped on Stomper BB's car bonnet with his fist while crossing the road for apparently no rhyme or reason at all.

BB told Stomp that the incident occurred along Scotts Road, near the T Galleria By DFS building and Royal Plaza on Scotts, on Sunday (June 16), at around 12.14pm.

BB recounted: "I was behind a taxi and positioned my car accordingly when I saw that the taxi was about to move.

"A road bully walked by and suddenly slammed my car."

BB said that the incident was completely unprovoked as he did not honk at the man, nor was there any near-accident with him, as seen in a video that he submitted to Stomp.

He added: "I got down from my car and went after him. I told him to stay where he was as I was going to call the police, but he simply gestured at The American Club and walked off.

"I then returned to my car as I was blocking traffic and parked it properly at one side near Thong Teck Building before going to look for the man again, but he was already gone.

"I believe he was inside The American Club but I did not go in."

BB also shared photos showing the damage on his car.

The Stomper said he plans to make a police report.