Pedestrian shows 'attitude' after getting honked at for taking own sweet time to cross road

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A driver was left angered by a pedestrian who showed him 'attitude' in response to being honked at.

Stomper Chun shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred when he was turning in to Stirling Road on Thursday (July 6), at around 9.20pm.

He recounted: "I was turning left and these two pedestrians were taking their own sweet time to cross the road. As there were other cars behind, I honked and the guy was not happy.

"He was in the wrong and yet could still show attitude."

In a video shared with Stomp, the man can be seen expressing his displeasure at Chun before his female companion pulls him along.

Asked how he felt about the incident, Chun told Stomp: "Angry."

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